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Our Governors

Our Local Governing Body

Goose Green Primary and Nursery School is operated by the Communitas Education Trust. Goose Green’s own Local Governing Body is responsible to the Trust for the strategic direction of the school.

The role of the governing board is a strategic one with three key functions:

  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent
  • Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils
  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction

The majority of these functions are managed through the three committees:

  • Operations & Staffing: responsible for finance, premises and staffing
  • Curriculum: responsible for teaching and learning
  • Performance & Standards: responsible for monitoring progress and attainment

The school’s full Local Governing Body meets once a term to monitor the impact of the committees and the delivery of the School Development Plan.

In addition to the committees, each governor has a link role for a specific area of the school. Link governors are responsible for reviewing their specific areas of the school’s work and reporting back to the committees or full Local Governing Body.

You can contact any of the Goose Green Primary and Nursery School Governors via the Chair of Governors. You can do this by email to or by letter to the school office.

Members of the Governing Body

Simon Wattam - Ex Officio

Simon is the Head Teacher at Goose Green. He has worked in primary schools in South London since 2003, occasionally lectures at Goldsmiths College and loves riding his bike.

Appointed by: Headteacher (ex-officio)
Date of appointment: 01/09/2017
Business interests declared: None

Rob Miller - Chair

Rob works as a senior manager in local government.

Rob’s two children attended Goose Green.

Appointed by: Trust Board Representative
Date of appointment: 04/07/2016
Term of office: 04/07/2016 to 03/07/2021
Business interests declared: None

Ruth Coward - Vice Chair

Ruth is a civil servant working on environmental policy at Defra, with experience in research and consultancy for ethical investment funds. 

She lives locally and has three children at Goose Green school.

Appointed by: Co-opted governor
Date of appointment: 19/11/2014
Term of office: 19/11/2014 to 18/11/2018
Business interests declared: None

Gilly Nash

Gilly is a developmental psychologist, a mother of two grown up children and a grandma of three younger ones.

She has lived locally for many years and has been a community governor at Goose Green since 2012.

Appointed by: Community governor
Date of appointment: 30/05/2016
Term of office: 30/05/2016 to 29/05/2020
Business interests declared: None

Louise Partridge

Louise is Deputy Head of Goose Green. She brings a wealth of experience of Primary school teaching.

She has a special interest in Early Years Education.

Appointed by: Staff governor
Date of appointment: 21/05/2015
Term of office: 12/07/2019 to 11/07/2023
Business interests declared: None

Thomas Jarvis

Tom lives in Peckham and has two children at Goose Green. He is the legal director of the book publisher HarperCollins and has always admired the sense of creativity at Goose Green.

Appointed by: Co-opted governor
Date of appointment: 30/10/2017
Term of office: 30/10/2017 to 29/10/2021

Anna Grant

Anna is a lecturer in Education at Goldsmiths University of London, working on the Primary PGCE and BA Hons Education, Culture and Society. Her specialism is in Mathematics and Children’s Literature. Anna loves reading, swimming and cycling.

Appointed by: Co-opted governor
Date of appointment: 21/03/2019
Term of office: 21/03/2019 to 20/03/2023
Business interests declared: None

Charlene Reid

Charlene teaches in Year One at Goose Green and has extensive experience of primary teaching in South London.

Appointed by: Staff governor
Date of appointment: 12/07/2019
Term of office: 12/07/2019 to 11/07/2023
Business interests declared: None

Karen Barke

Karen has extensive senior management experience in local government and currently leads the estate regeneration work in a large London local authority. She lives locally and brings experience of delivering a wide range of major capital projects to the governing body.

Appointed by: Co-opted governor
Date of appointment: 04/07/2019
Term of office: 04/07/2019 and 03/07/2023
Business interests declared: None

Felicia Johnston

Felicia has worked in a range of executive support roles, including large businesses and the House of Lords, giving her lots of experience of governance. She lives locally and is very interested in education.

Appointed by: Community governor
Date of appointment: 14/11/2019
Term of office: 14/11/2019 and 13/11/2023

Hannah Musisi

Hannah has senior business experience and has been a charity trustee in the past. She lives locally in South East London and has children at primary school and pre-school age. She is keen to become a governor to use her skills to contribute to the local community.

Appointed by: Community governor
Date of appointment: 14/11/2019
Term of office: 14/11/2019 and 13/11/2023